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We Service and Repair Air Conditioning for Cars, Vans, Trucks, Coaches & Plant Machinery.

Specialising in Air Conditioning as Mr.Aircon since 1999, we were the first company offering a full comprehensive Air Conditioning repair service in Rochdale, which included the main dealers such as Fiat, Nissan, Volvo, BMW, & Renault.  We work on all vehicles that have Air Conditioning or Climate Control

Most cars are fitted with Air Conditioning or Climate Control these days, yet many garages still do not service these systems as part of the standard servicing intervals.  Many repairs are diagnosed incorrectly leading to further costs until the issue is resolved.

It is not uncommon to think that once the Air Conditioning is blowing warm air, the system is faulty and its going to cost a fortune to repair.  Most of the time, it just needs a regas to bring the system back to full working order, providing relief from the summer heat and reduction of condensation and misting from the winter cold air.

Using R134a Refrigerant to current environmental practices, we can make your warm air conditioning cold again.

We will check your vehicle for obvious Air Conditioning System failures and leaks.  If these are not obvious, we can add a dye to the refridgerant to trace any leak.  All Air Conditioning Systems have natural leakage and once there isn't enough refridgerant in the system, it becomes ineffective.

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